Drowning deaths are up in many Provinces across Canada this year with Ontario and Quebec reporting the highest numbers in the country.

The LifeSavingSociety has reported that as of September 7th, the Provincial numbers are:

AB: 21; BC: 39; MB: 12; NB: 3; NL: 2; NS:2; NT: 0; NU: 0; ON: 66; PE:1; QC: 65; SK:7; YT: 0. Total: 218

Remember to stay safe out there. Water temperatures have dropped making conditions more dangerous. Know your area, follow boating safety rules and regulations, don’t drink and boat and most importantly, wear a lifejacket or PFD. It is the most effective way to save your life in the event of an unexpected entry into water.

Write to your MP if you think lifejackets/PFDs should be mandatory for kids in recreational boating and sign our petition.

Making lifejackets/PFDs mandatory for children under 14 would keep children safe on Canada’s waterways. This is an advancement in child safety and in water safety that would save lives. Start the habit early and it could continue for a lifetime and influence overall PFD wearing behaviours.

Change the Law. Save a Life.

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