Tragic drowning deaths continue to make headlines this summer.

Thirty people have drowned in the Province of Quebec so far this year — a 30 per cent increase from 2018.

Quebec officials say a man who was swept away by a fast-moving current in the St. Lawrence River is presumed to have drowned, adding to a spate of drowning deaths causing concern in the province.

Two men were in a small boat attempting to retrieve a fallen drone around 8 a.m. on Monday, when their vessel capsized. Police say one of the boaters, who was rescued and taken to hospital, was wearing a life jacket. It is not known if the other man was wearing one.

“The majority of drowning deaths happen in open water, meaning it is important for people to wear life jackets whenever they are out in boats.” (CBC News: Posted: Jul 08, 2019 7:33 AM ET)

“In May, a 23-year-old Indian exchange student was swept away by the North Thompson River in B.C.; in June a 29-year-old Manitoba man drowned in Madge Lake, Sask., after jumping in the water to rescue a child; and, on Monday, the body of a missing 24-year-old man was pulled from the water in Ontario’s Bruce Peninsula National Park.” (CTV News: Monday, July 8, 2019 8:50PM EDT)

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends of the victims.

Life jackets and PFDs should be mandatory in small vessels, at the very least for Canada’s most vulnerable, our children.

Change the law. Save a Life.

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