Parachute, Canada’s leading advocate on injury prevention has released their cost of injury report which shows the economic cost of injury in 2018.

Drowning deaths in Canadian children aged 0-14 came in at $38 million, the fourth highest cost in the death outcome category. For kids aged 15-19, the cost was $24 million, the fifth highest. The total economic cost of drowning for children in 2018 was $62 million.

According to Parachute:

Injury is the leading cause of death for Canadians ages one to 44. The human and societal potential lost through injury is immense.

In 2018, injuries stole 333,791 years of potential life lived, of missed celebrations, milestones, family memories, and contributions through work and volunteering.

The total cost of injuries, $29.4 billion, equals a cost of $80 million to the Canadian economy every day.

See the data from their report: Potential Lost, Potential for Change, The Cost of Injury in Canada 2021.

Drowning deaths are preventable. Making lifejackets/PFDs mandatory for kids in recreational boating will save lives and alleviate in the economic burden of drowning on the Canadian economy.

Write to your MP if you think lifejackets/PFDs should be mandatory for kids in recreational boating and sign our petition.

Change the law. Save a life.