July 3rd – 11th is National Fishing Week and the Canadian Safe Boating Council’s Hooked on Lifejackets campaign.

This annual CSBC  initiative focuses “on promoting the most basic of safe boating behaviours and one that has the greatest potential to save lives…wearing a lifejacket.”

Powered and non-powered boating, including small vessels used for fishing account for an average of 103 drownings per year in Canada and is the second most frequent activity associated with drowning fatalities.

Hear what Paul Shibata has to say about wearing your lifejacket/PFD.

Find free fishing events in your Province for National Fishing Week.

Find out more about Hooked on Lifejackets.

Have fun, stay safe and remember to wear your lifejacket or PFD.

Write to your MP if you think lifejackets/PFDs should be mandatory for kids in recreational boating and sign our petition.

Change the law. Save a life.