Celebrate 8 million kids who are Canada’s future business leaders, teachers, doctors, activists, lawyers and politicians.

National Child Day honours the rights of children and youth in Canada and “the rising movement of young leaders and changemakers who are standing up for their rights across Canada.”

Children First Canada is kicking off ​ a week of celebrations leading up to National Child Day with #8millionRising on November 15 at 1 p.m. ET. Register Here.

Children First Canada advocates for the rights of children in their annual Raising Canada reports which identify the top threats to childhood for Canadian kids. The Raising Canada 2022 report identified unintentional and preventable injuries as the top threat to childhood. Drowning is one of those unintentional and preventable injuries, citing 1700 emergency department visits in 2018 by children ages 0-14, for drowning and near drowning events and 200 such visits for kids 19 years and under.

Non-fatal drowning occurred at a rate of 8.1 per 100,000 in Ontario alone from 2010-2019 for kids 10 years and under.

Drowning is consistently identified as top threat to the health and safety of kids.

If you’re looking to support kids and address drowning as one of the top threats to their childhood in Canada, you can write to your MP if you think lifejackets/PFDs should be mandatory for kids in recreational boating and sign our petition.

To support the Life Jackets for Life Act in Ontario find your MPP and express the importance of this Act being presented again for first reading with the Ontario legislature.

Change the law. Save a life.