Over 750 House of Commons Petition Signatures All Across Canada

Thanks to all of your support, we’ve exceeded the 500 signature minimum! Those signatures have come from all across Canada, a snapshot of National support. Keep the signatures coming! The petition is open until April 12th, 2020.

Once the petition closes, the Clerk of Petitions will issue a certificate to the MP who authorized the online publication of the petition. It can then be presented to the House by any MP. A record of this presentation will appear in the Journals for that day and the petitioner, supporters and signatories of the petition will be advised by email after its presentation.

The Standing Orders (the rules governing the House of Commons) require the government to respond within 45 calendar days to every petition presented to the House of Commons.

The petitioner, supporters, signatories, and the MP who authorized the online publication of the e-petition will be notified by email when the response is tabled in the House. A copy will also be found on the petitions website along with the original petition.

To sign the petition, go to: