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Dear [MP NAME],
My name is [YOUR NAME], a constituent in your riding. I recently discovered a child safety initiative, Life Jackets for Life, with the goal of making wearing life jackets mandatory for children while in small vessels. A petition is currently circulating which I along with thousands of others have signed.I fully support this initiative and request that you enquire with Transport Minister, Marc Garneau, as to why this change in the Small Vessel Regulation has not occurred. Voluntary measures and awareness campaigns, although helpful, are ineffective on their own. The law needs to instead make life jackets mandatory, similar to seat belts, car seats, etc. Canada is behind the United States, where almost every state has legislation making life jackets mandatory for children.
For more information on this initiative, go to
Finally, I request your response on the action taken on this issue.
Let’s work together to save lives and keep our children safe on Canada’s waterways.